Gratitude for Healing From the Core

As this day draws to a close I am in awe of what has come through in this Healing From the Core workshop. Tonight at dinner with my staff member, Karen Axelrod, we talked about how the title and description of the workshop doesn’t do justice to the depth of healing that occurs. It was ... Read More

Thank Goodness for My Community

Today began beautifully. The Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries was off to a wonderful start. I slipped out at 11am to get the coloring utensils next door. On my way back to the room I turned my foot coming down a steep incline. I managed to make it back into the training room ... Read More

Staying in the Present in Times of Transition

“Suzanne, I need your help – I got rear ended several days ago and I cannot seem to shake it off. My neck and back are still in pain, even though it was not a high impact event. At the time I was rushing, late for a wedding, having gotten stuck in traffic.” With these ... Read More

Being Received Deeply

As my staff and I did our post class wrap up for the Healing the Pelvic Floor workshop, I realize one of the reasons why the week was so deeply satisfying for us is because the circle of women who participated this year were so open to receiving what we offered them. We all came ... Read More

Esalen Evenings

One of the things I love about Esalen is the capacity to enjoy an evening in the lodge with interesting people. As I have an evening off tonight, I enjoyed meeting the incoming workshop leaders and learning about what they do and how our curriculums might complement each other. Often when sunset rolls around people ... Read More

Love and Gratitude

As our morning ceremony in Healing the Pelvic Floor workshop is winding down and everyone is preparing for the celebratory soak in the mineral baths tonight, the circle of faces reflects the support and love that has been manifest in this workshop. When women (or men) gather with the intention to love and support themselves ... Read More

Healing Herbs

Today in the women’s workshop we gathered herbs and aromatic flowers for our healing bath tomorrow evening. We ended the afternoon in a state of euphoria from the olfactory  stimulation of breathing them in, stomping them to release their oils and having our hands be covered in the scent of sweet peas, clary sage, rose ... Read More

Gathering of Women

Today is the third day of Healing the Pelvic Floor for women. This annual workshop at Esalen always feeds my soul. The group of women who have gathered this year range in age from early twenties to early sixties, with all kinds of professions represented. When women gather like this with a common goal and ... Read More

No Other – Poem by Daniel Cryns

Esalen is such a creative hot bed as I mentioned in my blog yesterday and here is the poem Daniel recited for us at lunch. No Other Brave Beautiful Soul                            know you are Divine      The mountains shall move of their own                  in reverence of your presence       The deep dark caverns of fears                    are ... Read More

Mineral Baths, Healing Bodywork and More

As you can see from the photo above, I have figured out how to add photos to my blog posts! In my ongoing travels this summer, we arrived late last night at an exquisitely beautiful guest house in Big Sur and came down to Esalen this morning for a soak and a massage to help ... Read More