New Year Queries For Clear Intention Setting

I am about to leave for Sedona AZ to teach Release and Renewal – it is joy for me to facilitate the process even as I engage in it for myself. I find it extremely helpful to slow down, drop into the quietness of my own wisdom and tap into what will fuel my journey for the coming ... Read More

Release and Renewal and the Medicine Wheel

  I am looking forward to collaborating with Joel Ying at Release and Renewal – New Year Retreat in Sedona AZ Jan 11-15, 2017. We have been discussing and planning the changes for this workshop all year. Joel is bringing his own vision and understanding of the sacred medicine wheel traditions to our workshop. He wrote about it quite eloquently ... Read More

The Winter Solstice is Upon Us

December 21st marks the Winter solstice – a sacred time in many ancient traditions of honoring the darkness, the Yin energy of the womb. It is a time of resting deep inside ourselves so that we can emerge ready to manifest our dreams in the coming year. Rest is a key ingredient in deep creativity. ... Read More

Healthy Eating Is a Key to Quality of Life

Recently I received an email and video (along with the transcript) of an interview with Daniel and Tana Amen about their new book and cook book – The Brain Warriors Way – I read the interview and found it to be a fascinating take on where we are as a culture around healthy brain food. ... Read More

Enjoying the Holiday Season with a Local Cider

My good friends Lori Leitzel Rice and Eric Rice have come up with a wonderful aged cider made from their organic fruit that will ease us all into the holidays – it is delicious! They have been planning and playing with many different kinds and flavors for years and I was gifted with two bottles ... Read More

At What Pace Are You Moving?

This text came in from a colleague earlier this week: “Hi there. I just re-read your last post and was wondering what your thoughts are for coming to terms with loved ones and friends who voted for Trump. It’s a struggle not to turn away and harden my heart against them.” My answer: “I feel ... Read More

Election Recovery

I live in a distinctly blue/democratic part of the country so the days since the election have been like living in the twilight zone. My colleagues, family and community have been a support; such a rich resource for me personally. Many of us are holding a healing space for the trauma, fear and dread in our families, our children, our ... Read More

Post Election Week

Last week I had the good fortune to be called into action the morning after the election in the name of recovering from trauma – what a hidden blessing! My commitment to teaching put me into action when much of the nation was in paralyzed shock, feeling helpless to act in any effective manner while watching ... Read More

Holding the Shock and Trauma With Dignity and Strength

As you may have noticed from my blogs in recent weeks, I was expecting a different outcome in this election. And, right on the heels of a mostly sleepless election night I got out of bed on Wednesday morning, got in the car and drove out here to lead a marvelous group of students and ... Read More

Quotes to Inspire #8

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” — Maya Angelou, poet and author