Presence in Iceland

Map of Iceland – coming alive! This beautiful artwork on the wall of the inn where I am staying conveys the magic I feel in this incredible country. You can see the presence!

Northern Lights Inn – Presence Tour Continues

The magic of my trip has extended into the actual hotel we are all staying in. On the wall in my room I found this written intention. I felt myself, my presence, my ease expand naturally as I read this.  Thinking of how we live our lives and the intention we set for ourselves and ... Read More

The World Wide Presence Tour is in Iceland!

Day 2 of my arrival in Iceland and the World Wide Presence Tour continues – we spent the morning in warm camaraderie with my fellow CST instructors – it is SO rarely that we all get to gather in one place. I LOVE this community…it is my original tribe and I love being here. So we ... Read More

Valuable Documentary Available for Free This Weekend Only

This weekend has been so full that I forgot to post this blog until just now, 3pm on Sunday. I have been watching a documentary on auto-immune issues and health put together by Dr. Izabella Wentz. The primary focus is on the auto-immune issue called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (which I have had for many years, thus ... Read More

Presence and Mardi Gras

The World Wide Presence Tour continues even as Mardi Gras arrives in Sydney – honestly I had no idea we were going to be here at Mardi Gras!Here I am professing my innocence with the riot control police of Sydney – as you can see they are a fierce and scary bunch of guys…they were probably needed later ... Read More

Presence Qualities – The Tour Continues

After writing my last blog I realized that we had shifted gears here in Sydney and we were in the phase of our World Wide Presence Tour where we were doing what I love – practicing and sharing CranioSacral therapy. Two days ago we did four CST multiple hands on sessions in a row and left ... Read More

Day #19 of the “World Wide Presence Tour”

Since Gary and Fran have dubbed our month together as The Presence Tour, I would like to share our experience of how our “presence” is unfolding here. There have been so many wonderful experiences and lessons.The one that stands out is about fear and the perception of time. Perception is a tricky thing…and in HFC Principle ... Read More

Reclaiming Your Body becomes Real

Hi All, Reporting in on Day #18, from Sydney Australia on what my travel companions, Dr. Gary Dotson and his wife Fran are now calling “The World Wide Presence Tour.” It has been so interesting  – our travels and travails thus far – from many parts of New Zealand in all its beauty and volatility ... Read More

Akaroa, New Zealand – What a Pearl of a Town

Yesterday Gary, Fran and I headed over to Akaroa on a tour bus, driven by a funny, dry witted man who gave us a running narrative the whole way that had us chuckling. Akaroa is incredibly peaceful and beautiful. We walked and ate fresh fried fish right out of the ocean with chips. We shopped and ate some more ... Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day From New Zealand

The Christchurch Botanical Gardens is home to some of the most magnificent trees that grow on this beautiful planet. I felt so at home when I discovered this giant Sequoia – Redwood. It was one of many here. Scroll on down for a Eucalyptus tree – wow! You can see how huge it is by looking ... Read More