Being Received Deeply

As my staff and I did our post class wrap up for the Healing the Pelvic Floor workshop, I realize one of the reasons why the week was so deeply satisfying for us is because the circle of women who participated this year were so open to receiving what we offered them.

We all came away feeling as though they drank us in deeply in every corner of the workshop. Every sacred ceremony was honored and they each took it in as deeply as they could, given their particular histories and current life stories. They supported each other magnificently and their hearts opened more and more deeply as the week progressed. We were in awe of what was happening.

I have been teaching this material in some form for well over a decade and it felt as though the energy of all the women who have been on my circles was present to support these women this year. The legacy is rich and was palpable in certain moments.

So as I reflect on the larger issue of having your love and support be deeply received by those around you – with healthy boundaries and grounding that keeps the container of your being as full as it can be – I realize this is a key element for all of us as human beings, but particularly for women. If we are holding a healthy basket of feminine energy for our loved ones and it is not being received, there is disruption in the flow of energy between us that is depleting.

When what you or I have to offer is well received, the flow energy comes back to us and is satisfying and refilling. The cycle is complete – and it grows exponentially. This is what falling in love is all about. You find someone(s) who see you in a clear light, and open all their doors and windows to drink you in, like a welcome cool breeze on a hot day.

I would like to end with another poem by Daniel Cryns.

One Moment


If you were to live

            one moment fully


                        would be of no concern

There are more lifetimes

                        in one



            than in hundreds

                                    of years

                                                of fitful


More intimate tenderness

            in one


                                          of your soul

                        in the eyes of


            than a million            


                        drawn from the depths

                                              of our desperate


More completion

                        in one

                                    fully held


            than an ocean

                                    of tears

                        drawn from the

                                                bottomless well

                                    of our broken heart

More nourishment

            in one


                                    of God’s lips,

More life force

            in one

                        swift gasp of


            than a thousand


© Daniel Cryns


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