Arriving in Each Moment

As my first week in California draws to a close, I am once again reminded of the rejuvenating nature of this place for me. Each moment of each day becomes more precious as I find myself slowing down. A massage, a beautiful sunset with the time to watch it, soaking in the mineral baths with an long time friend Rachel Abrams on her birthday, singing around the fire at night with friends and some fabulous guitarists, good healthy food, a warm bed to sleep in, the sounds of the sea lions at night on the rocks, and this wonderful SER 1 class which is drawing to a close today. My staff has been fabulous and supportive. This place is magical as always and I feel deeply grateful to be able to do the work that I do here at Esalen.

I am heading up the coast a bit just for the weekend with time for more good bodywork, good food and camaraderie. I will check in again soon!


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