Are You Ready to Find Your Inner Healer?

As this amazing workshop for women unfolds this week, we are exploring how to make contact with our inner healer and transform trauma into healed moments. In the spectacular beauty of the Esalen community this process is supported because of the infrastructure and staff . My good friend and colleague Chery Owens told me how she would create this infrastructure, elsewhere outside of space like this.  What follows are her guidelines for finding one’s inner healer.

1) Carve out the time to spend with yourself.

2) Dedicate this time in such a way that nothing else is a larger priority.

3) Find a place that is conducive to your process – private, safe, quiet, and comfortable.

4) Dedicate a certain amount of time (minimum of an hour) to this process so that when your resistance shows up you will stay with it.

5) Do one of the following – write, paint, draw, make music, sing, chant, dance, meditate, pray, do yoga – all things that feed your Soul.

6) Avoid addictive behaviors – they just distract you from this process.

And, enjoy!


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