An Osprey and a Message

I awoke last Monday morning to see an Osprey – full grown and beautiful – perched high in a tree in my backyard overlooking the lake. I suspect it is a female because of her  size. She remained there for over three hours and has already returned three times this week. Here is what I found out about Indigenous wisdom regarding the Osprey and it’s message:

“An osprey doesn’t wait for the fish to jump out of the water to meet her, instead she splashes in headfirst. She teaches us how to reach for and fully utilize our resources and the necessity to move outside of our comfort zones in order to do this. Osprey teaches us to take risks, and to not be frightened of grasping opportunities just because they seem like they’re out of our reach.

Here is a wonderful short Osprey video that really says it all:

I am pondering what all of this means for me in my life right now. In my experience, an omen this powerful only returns repeatedly when there is something for me to learn.


2 thoughts on “An Osprey and a Message

  1. Cool video. I visited an auprey nesting area when I was pregnant with my son. Wonder if it contributed to him being such a successful man now.

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