An Exquisite Day of Connection

I love teaching here in Canada because Tamara Watt, my facilitator and sponsor extraordinaire always sets up an advanced day of sharing and learning on the Monday after the regular workshop ends.

It was an exquisite day – the group of fifteen who stayed for this day dived in with me and explored calming the nervous system through the doorway of the adrenals. Then we added resonant sound, and movement to drop us all deeper into embodying fully. We ended with a rich meditative process that opens the portals of perception for deep connection through gentle, non-invasive touch. A wonderful discussion ensued about how this touch is what is meant by being truly neutral, inviting and connected in good CranioSacral therapy. Hoping I get a chance to share it with all CST therapists and beyond!

Thank you all for showing up – I am leaving feeling so full and nourished by this day!


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