Akaroa, New Zealand – What a Pearl of a Town

Yesterday Gary, Fran and I headed over to Akaroa on a tour bus, driven by a funny, dry witted man who gave us a running narrative the whole way that had us chuckling. Akaroa is incredibly peaceful and beautiful. We walked and ate fresh fried fish right out of the ocean with chips. We shopped and ate some more and drank in the beauty of the sea and landscape over and over. The air was fresh and clear, the day sunny with a cool breeze. It reminded me of Esalen in the summer time. Here is a photo of Fran and I as we have just arrived on the hilltop before descending to Akaroa – you can see it nestled in the distance, on the other side of the bay. The second photo is from the main pier overlooking the bay.
What a delightful day!


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