AEDA I Coming This Week!

I am looking forward to the upcoming Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I workshop that starts this Wednesday. This training includes so many important subtle energy skills. We start with how to have your language, your words, match the neutrality of your energy presence. We explore projection, shadow and limiting belief structures as they effect our ability to be present. Then we explore each person’s unique energy signature – it’s strengths and it’s growing edges.

From there we launch into the mostly commonly found stress styles and their energetic antidotes – meaning how do I maintain my own energy presence in such a way that it naturally draws you into more congruence when we are working together? How can my very presence calm you if you are agitated? How can my presence help you have more clarity for better decision making? And how can I do all of this in a way that leaves me full and energized – not depleted? This has ramifications for everyone – from hands-on therapists, to coaches, psychotherapists, teachers, parents and care givers of all kinds.

So I am excited to be calling this circle – I will keep you all updated as the workshop progresses because I discover new things in every workshop and I am sure this one will provide me with inspiring new awareness as everyone grows and learns. Each person’s journey is unique, so I am always immersed in the mystery of  how it will unfold this time.


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