Advanced Energy Dynamics & Applications I

I am home again, after diving in for five days of wonderful study, growth, sharing and healing at Claymont Court, West Va. The chemistry of the group was magical and although this course is full of challenging material and practices, everyone dived in with me and had a great time. We drummed, danced, shared, laughed and cried together.

A huge thank you to my staff: Dale Kressley, Gail Copp, Joanna Haymore, Lori Chinitz and Joel Ying – you all were fabulous. Another vote of thanks goes to the staff of Claymont, our chef Tina and those beautiful grounds and forests. The food was cooked with love and was delicious! And to all the participants, who heard the inner call and showed up for this wonderful workshop – thank you. I enjoyed myself immensely and look forward to seeing all of you on future circles!


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