Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications II

As we begin our journey together for the rest of this week here at Claymont Court, I remember something that Dr. Joel Ying had to say about this training several years ago. I share it with you now.

As I prepare to return to HFAE II, this time as a Teaching Assistant, I remember how life changing this workshop was for me the first time through. It was a turning point in my journey that allowed me to show up more powerfully in my office and hospital practice. As an Internist, I see a wide variety of people, so my presence  – and my ability to modulate that presence – is a vital part my success, given the challenges I face each day.

In this workshop I learned that my ability to feel depth and steadiness is in my heart – as I held space for someone else’s healing process – was deeply healing for me as well. My trust in the unseen support around me was deepened immeasurably. I gained a greater energetic awareness and as we practiced with distance healing and dream interpretation.These things that had previously felt fleeting and ephemeral became palpable.

The process of simply “being” with another person, with no agenda opened my consciousness to information and a rich depth of connection that I have never experienced before. The exciting part is that I have been able to take that rich connection from the workshop and bring it home to my practice with my patients. Personally, I was able to give up “the need to do it perfectly” and rest back in who I am – knowing that its more than enough! In the end, when I rest back in who I am when I am in session with someone, I receive as much as they do – I feel blessed by the connection between us. “

Joel Ying, MD.


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