A Sunset to Remember


Sunset Over Reston Parkway

5:30 pm – I am driving in rush hour traffic across Reston – intent upon getting my son to work in time – and we round a curve on Sunrise Valley Drive to see this sunset.  Both of us were riveted by Mother Nature’s effortless show of beauty (and that is hard to do with a teenage boy!) As we drove he kept watching the sky and I kept peeking whenever I could while driving safely.

I dropped him off at work and got ready to pull back into the bumper to bumper traffic feeding into Reston Parkway. Something inside of me said, “Pull over here and witness this. You have the time. Everything else will wait.” So I did. Pulled over into a parking lot and caught this exquisite sunset. And, I thought you all might enjoy it, too, albeit after the fact.



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