A Rich Gathering

As the first day of SomatoEmotional Release 1 comes to a close, I find myself once again, in deep gratitude for this work I get to teach; to Dr. John Upledger for creating it, and for my staff in the class as well as those at The Upledger Institute for making this all possible!

The sharing has been open and rich. I am struck by the whole gestalt of this circle. This has been true throughout my years of teaching for The Upledger Institute. There are many different backgrounds in the room, from those with mental health training as well as those with primarily bodywork skills. Those who are part-time because it is their heart’s calling, and those who work too much. Some of the students are working with at-risk populations, others primarily with animals. When this kind of diversity is present we have an opportunity to step outside our normal box of experience and the learning can be surprisingly rich and deep, which it has been. There is also an openness in this group that is lovely to experience. So I am ending this day feeling blessed and grateful.

Take a look around your life and notice someone who would normally be outside of your field of perception. And then notice someone you see everyday, and play with looking at them with new eyes. It is a gift we all have, to be able to respond to our lives in new ways. Try it on. And, enjoy!


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