A Reassuring Experience

While I was writing yesterday about the poor mallard duck that was so severely neurologically impaired by whatever toxic chemical had gotten dumped or sprayed on her home in the hedges, my door bell rang.

At the door was a young man from a Pest Removal company letting me know that they were going to be in the neighborhood later this week exterminating ants and spiders from someone’s house and asking if we wanted to piggy back on their treatment and get a reduction in the cost of the treatment. Oh, and by the way, all their treatments are green – meaning that they utilize only environmentally friendly substances for their extermination processes.

I remembered the last time we had to have some large carpenter ants exterminated about eight years ago. It took me being really insistent before they would utilize non-toxic substances. It wasn’t fun because they had to stop their normal operations and go back and get what they had in their storehouse to do so. I had to read up on it and find out what was available and name it specifically before they went back and got it. But they did. And my cats did not get sick and we did not get headaches or any other side effects that can follow toxic spraying of chemicals to kill insects or rodents or whatever.

So, I asked this young man what chemicals they were using and sure enough they really are a green company, and I thanked him for what he is doing. I let him know that we did not need them at the moment, but when we did, we would call them because of their use of environmentally friendly substances.

We do live in interesting times, don’t we? Having these two experiences – so close in time to each other – is what life is all about these days. Experiences of illness, death and destruction and then experiences of life, hope and integrity right alongside…more on that in a different situation tomorrow.


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