A New Vitality is Awakening

Angela Stevens is my guest blogger today – speaking about her experiences here at Beyond the Dura.

I feel so jazzed by the whole conference this year – there is an exciting new vitality coming from the breadth of the vision that is unfolding for CranioSacral therapy. As it moves forward, there is such deeper understanding of the magic of what we do as CST therapists, as well the concrete grounding of the specificity of information. There is an immediacy that is palpable in the ‘calls to action’ we have heard from every corner of our profession here at the conference. There is an excitement in the air. It as though we are reaching a critical mass – and are about the ride a surge of energy into the future of CST. There has also been such a deep honoring of Dr. John’s vision that has been spoken about again and again, by speaker after speaker. I feel tremendous gratitude to have the opportunity to be here now.


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