What Our Participants are Saying…

We receive many cards and letters throughout the year from participants who want to share their Healing From the Core experiences. We share a few of those and some new interviews with you below.

Interview with Marcus Shouse – An ER/Critical care physician who took the “Grounding & Healthy Boundaries Workshop”. Summary: Wanted to learn boundaries – has hard time saying”NO” in personal & professional life; workshop exceeded expectations; more connected to own energy source & had exercises to prove it!

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Interview with California Walsch – “Divorcee’ engaged to another divorcee”. Summary: Took “Grounding & Healthy Boundaries” workshop; wanted relationship workshop before second marriage; learning healthy boundaries for relationships between others drew her to HFC, “Esalen is nourishing in many ways — sounds of waves & whales; organic food = energy…”

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Interview with Grace Imani – 25 year trauma survivor who took Healing Pelvic Floor workshop in midst of marriage separation after 16 years. Summary: on “journey to find out who [we] are”; been working on incest trauma for decades – “triggers still arise”; “Esalen’s strong nature connection allowed for a safe environment…’released a lot of trauma in the nervous system without being pulled down’-stayed in the present didn’t run away/bolt”. Took “Grounding & Healthy Boundaries” workshop immediately after… gave her the “feet & legs” to take forward what she just learned in previous workshop; “never felt worthy enough” [to work on herself] – “Give it a chance!”

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Interview with Sandy Brown – a hard working chiropractor who took “Grounding & Healthy Boundaries Intensive Workshop”. Summary: Wanted greater professional presence for herself; usually drained by end of day. (Sandy has since become a Certified HFC Presenter.)

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Interview with Richard Griffin – 2006, who at the time was a corporate worker who had been taking HFC workshops for years. Today he is a Certified HFC Presenter. Summary: Richard wanted to learn boundaries and to connect with others. Found courage to do things he never thought possible; works effectively; calm presence diffuses office politics for self & others.

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A Physical Therapist from NY shares how Healing From the Core experiences have strengthened her therapeutic presence

After studying with Suzanne, there is an ease during my therapeutic sessions that I had not previously experienced. If you are not clear in yourself, it will be impossible to allow your client/patient to experience all their traumas in the least judgmental way. If you become ‘charged’ by what is happening on the treatment table and do not know how to work in a grounded way, you may lead that person down the wrong road or the session will just never go far enough. CranioSacral Therapy taught me how to touch and heal the nervous system. Healing From the Core taught me how to incorporate essential resources of energy, grounding, and connection to Spirit/life force. Combining the two systems creates the whole.

A CST teaching assistant shares how she was able to help CST students feel the CranioSacral rhythm using HFC techniques

Some people in the class were still having difficulty sensing the CranioSacral rhythm on the third and fourth day. They were so frustrated because everyone else was “getting it” and this caused them to get even more upset. I simply stood next to them and focused my energy on grounding myself and creating a wider, diffuse field to support the students. I also led them through the imagery of feeling their feet on the ground and reaching with roots into the earth, focusing on their breath. To MY EXCITEMENT, they were able to feel the rhythm for the first time in the course. It was nice to be able to help these people who may have otherwise given up on the experience.

A participant from Maryland relates how Healing From the Core helped her when she was robbed at gunpoint

I took the Healing From the Core three day course in the Spring of 1996 and in the summer of that same year, I was tied up and robbed at gunpoint in my own home. I don’t know if I would be alive today if I hadn’t had that training. The skill of staying grounded, present in my body, probably saved my life as I negotiated with the robber, calmly and clearly until he left. This work has changed my life! This work is vital for dealing with the uncertainty and trauma so present in these times.

An occupational therapist from North Carolina describes the unique combination of skills taught at Healing From the Core advanced courses

Nowhere else have I found such powerful, yet gentle, healing. These trainings are a masterful synthesis of conscious intention, cutting edge hands-on work, and ancient indigenous ceremony using breath, movement, and sound to augment it all. What an incredible combination!

A massage therapy student loves the practical skills learned in Healing From the Core

I find the grounding skills highly valuable. Also, the breath and movement exercises helped me to deepen my experience of being grounded.

Now, I can call upon this in the real world, especially at school.

A physical therapist describes how Healing From the Core and CranioSacral therapy are complimentary

Healing From the Core and CranioSacral therapy meld wonderfully together! As practitioners, we are often called upon to assist in deep healing work. The blending of Suzanne’s unique and wonderful gift of teaching allows me to fully expand my practice and therapeutic presence. Learning these concepts and techniques and bridging them with CranioSacral therapy opens the door to fully understand the depth and possibilities this work can bring to others, as well as yourself. Suzanne teaches each of us how to connect to our source, how to hold a healing space for another person, and how to live life to its fullest. During the Advanced CranioSacral II course, I found that Healing From the Core prepared me to move forward and learn with a dynamic and open process. I now have the tools to keep myself grounded, energized and clear. Integrating the concepts from HFC has allowed my personal and professional life to flourish!

An accountant praises the 3-day Grounding & Healthy Boundaries course*

Suzanne, once again I awaken the Monday morning after the course with a sense that nothing will be the same. Thanks so much for your thoughtful, loving guidance as each of us on your circle begins to explore unknown, forgotten, or completely new interior landscapes. Your skill, your confidence, and your support combine to create a most remarkable atmosphere in which we awaken. Thank you.

* This workshop is now four days

Dr. Joel Ying, MD, a Certified Healing From the Core Presenter, talks about the Advanced Energy Dynamics & Applications (HFAE) workshops

As I prepare to return to HFAE2, this time as a Teaching Assistant, I remember how life changing this workshop was for me the first time through. It was a turning point in my journey that allowed me to show up more powerfully in my office and hospital practice. As an Internist, I see a wide variety of people, so my presence – and my ability to modulate that presence – is a vital part my success, given the challenges I face each day.

I learned in HFAE2 that my ability to feel depth and steadiness in my heart – as I held space for someone else’s healing process – was deeply healing for me as well. My trust in the unseen support around me was deepened immeasurably. I gained a greater energetic awareness and as we practiced with distance healing and dream interpretation, things that had previously felt fleeting and ephemeral became palpable.

The process of simply ‘being’ with another person, with no agenda opened my consciousness to information and a rich depth of connection that I have never experienced before. The exciting part is that I have been able to take that rich connection from the workshop and bring it home to my practice with my patients. Personally, I was able to give up “the need to do it perfectly” and rest back in who I am – knowing that its more than enough! In the end, when I rest back in who I am when I am in session with someone, I receive as much as they do – I feel blessed by the connection between us.

Cathy N. sent this in weeks after attending Grounding & Healthy Boundaries regarding a breathing technique taught in the class

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate learning the lunar breathing technique from you in the last class. My job as a Senior Project Manager can be stressful at times, managing multiple personalities from my company and from the clients. In one status meeting, we have a particularly challenging client manager who can be verbally abusive in conference calls. The meeting included several people from my company, the client and a competitor. I leveraged lunar breathing and it made a difference. I was able to center myself before responding in a calm manner (instead of letting her tone set my tone). I continued lunar breathing and also found other people on the call became more collaborative instead of defensive to her yelling. An hour after the call, I received an email from my competitor who was on the call and thanked me for joining the meeting and she said I was “amazing”. Note I personally did not provide the end solution to the problem – but I believe through lunar breathing and focusing on being centered, I was able to help facilitate a good meeting discussion for everyone involved.

Anyway, I know this is not your typical use of lunar breathing – in a commercial consulting company. But I wanted to let you know that lunar breathing can be used anywhere. Thanks again and I look forward to learning even more in the next class!