Listen: Interviews with Suzanne Scurlock

Listen to interviews about Reclaiming Your Body here

May 2017 ~ “Feel the Present Moment” with Joel Ying on the Living the Present Moment Study Group (64 mins)

October 2013 ~ “Navigating from the Wisdom of the Body” on Heal Your Mojo with Jeannine West – Heal Your Mojo Expert Speaker Series

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April 2013 ~ Full Body Presence on Healing Possibilites with Tracy Makarenko on VoiceAmerica

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March 2013 ~ Full Body Presence on The Consciousness Revolution Show with Harun Rabbani on UnTangled FM

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March 2010 ~ Carol Robins’ Profound Paths online teleseminars

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November 2011 ~ Inspiring Leadership: Beating Burn-out and Cultivating Full Body Presence on Visionary Leader with Kate Ebner – Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life

June 2010 ~ Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom with Dr. Melissa West – Dr Melissa

More to come!