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UPDATED AUDIO* Presence In Times of Joy and Grief

*Oops! The version of this post published May 29th included an incomplete recording of the interview with John Matthew Upledger. It’s not 12 minutes long – it’s a full 64 minutes! I’ve updated this post with the full interview. Enjoy! Every Memorial Day, I give deep gratitude to all our military and those who support ... Read More

Bone Deep Clarity and Stillness Can Steady Us

The following is a moving and inspiring piece written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I loved it. And, I was heartened by her reference to what I call the wisdom of our bones. As you read notice how many times she speaks about how to remain clear and strong in stormy times by returning to our bones. ... Read More

Our Presence in Connection – and Longevity

What Colby Itkowitz at The Washington Post writes about this talk – and the talk itself – is right in line with all that has occurred in this last week in Iceland. This was sent to me by my long time friend, Kari Uman. We have sat in a circle of women together for ... Read More

Presence in Iceland

Map of Iceland – coming alive! This beautiful artwork on the wall of the inn where I am staying conveys the magic I feel in this incredible country. You can see the presence!

Northern Lights Inn – Presence Tour Continues

The magic of my trip has extended into the actual hotel we are all staying in. On the wall in my room I found this written intention. I felt myself, my presence, my ease expand naturally as I read this.  Thinking of how we live our lives and the intention we set for ourselves and ... Read More