Monthly Archives: August 2016

Joseph Chilton Pearce 1926-1916

Joseph Chilton Pearce, a true visionary in the largest sense, died on Tuesday at the age of 90. I read his books decades ago and his thinking inspired me at a fundamental level. Then several years ago I got to hear him speak at a conference here in Reston and I felt like I was listening to a ... Read More

Late Summer Signs

I love this time of year – the monarchs and other butterflies are traveling through on their annual migration. This is a marvelous bright purple bush and I love passing it on my daily walk – it attracts the butterflies, bees, and many other winged creatures of beauty. Are they migrating where you are as well?

Sunrise in Late Summer

Nature is decked out in full bloom right now – right on the cusp of starting to change colors, drop leaves, and move on into fall. But right now, the cicadas are serenading us loudly and the leaves are all still green and full. It feels rich and almost decadent to be out in nature at ... Read More

Another Inspiration From JT and Robert

For those of you who loved the piece by JT and Robert in my last post, thought you would enjoy this one as well. Let me know how this one makes you feel. And, enjoy!

An Inspiration For the Day

For the next month, as I come down the home stretch of completing the manuscript for my next book, I will be posting quick, simple inspirational pieces. This one was passed on to me this morning and I loved it. It is quite brief and beautiful. Let me know how it affects you. And, enjoy!