Monthly Archives: June 2016

Magic in Alberta, Canada

This past week unfolded with deep learning and healing everywhere during the From Trauma Recovery to Ecstasy course held in Spruce Grove, Alberta. The twenty of us dived in together and there were tears, laughter and much expanding of who we were that occurred. I was no exception. Each morning as I asked Spirit to unfold ... Read More

Help Me Find the Best Idioms About “Gut Knowing”

Hi Everyone, My creativity is flowing rapidly right now in the writing of my next book. Currently on Chapter 5, about Gut Wisdom or Gut Instincts, I am on a hunt for the best idioms (those little phrases we say to each other) about gut knowing, gut wisdom, gut instincts. Please help me finish this ... Read More

Creativity and Painting

In this blog series on creativity, I want to applaud and support my long time friend Jody Tompros, who will be launching a class this summer (and another series in the fall and winter for all of you who are already committed elsewhere) on mindfulness and painting. It will be a small intimate group, no ... Read More

Creativity and Time

Thank you Robyn Scherr for forwarding me this fascinating article about our internal circadian rhythms. We were talking last Monday about how we create our working schedules and this article speaks to that and much more – health, quality of life, and creativity. Take a look and enjoy! And check out what Robyn Scherr ... Read More