Monthly Archives: May 2016

Creative Living and Liz Gilbert

I would be remiss to be posting on creativity and leave out Liz Gilbert, Author of “Big Magic”. I am one of her biggest fans. Below is an excerpt from Big Magic that says it all. Creative Living by Elizabeth Gilbert […] This, I believe, is the central question upon which all creative living hinges: Do you ... Read More

Creativity and Chocolate

It is a wonderful fact that dark chocolate is healthy for us in appropriate amounts. It has been found to curb appetite and improve gut health among other things. The higher the cacao ratio (70% or higher is suggested) the more polyphenols which enhance production of nitric oxide (which relaxes your arterial walls), blunt the effects of free radicals ... Read More

Creativity and Nostalgia

In my recent explorations on creativity, I was intrigued by an article entitled How Nostalgia Fuels Creativity It is fascinating to me how researchers are looking at all the different ways in which we are wired as human beings and what makes us tick. It takes about 4 minutes to read and has some surprising ideas. And, enjoy!

Creativity 101- John Cleese Rides Again

As I am completing my next book, I am acutely aware of my personal creative process and doing all I can to nurture it. I was therefore thrilled to get the May Integrative Wellness newsletter from my friend and colleague, Dr. Joel Ying, which included a short (10:36 mins) Youtube piece by creativity expert John Cleese. It ... Read More

Creative Magic in Expanding Present Moment Consciousness

I have just completed a rich week full of creativity and change. There is much to tell you. For this post I will share the delightful surprise that showed up on Saturday in my advanced HFC workshop, Expanding Present Moment Consciousness. Allow me to set the stage for you. This turned out to be one of ... Read More

Practical Healthy Boundaries

One of my favorite columnists, Carolyn Hax, did a fabulous piece last week about having loving but healthy boundaries with those we care about. In it there are many bits of practical wisdom. One of the things I love about Hax is how she names exact actions that will calmly and clearly allow you to feel empowered again without guilt – able ... Read More