Monthly Archives: April 2016

Into the Magic Shop by Jim Doty

Two weeks ago a colleague shared about how she had met Dr. Jim Doty at a local book signing event for his recently published book “Into the Magic Shop”. She recommended the book and for some reason I ordered it that minute. It was such a fascinating story that I read it almost in one sitting ... Read More

Spring Beauty

In this world of tumult and pathos it is wonderful to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of spring. This exquisite tree is called a Forest Pansy tree. It goes from these gorgeous pink-purple blossoms into deep red leaves that are shaped liked hearts. I love every stage of this process. This tree feeds me ... Read More

Elements of a Successful CST Business

I like to offer my CST students lots of different opportunities to grow their practices so I am happy to announce that I will be joining Kate Mackinnon and Robyn Scherr in their Elements of a Successful CST Business online class. Many of us in CST have great clinical skills, but are challenged when it comes ... Read More