Monthly Archives: February 2016

Inspiring TED Talk on Climate Change just published a new talk by Al Gore on climate change and where we stand today. It is totally inspiring, and clarifying as well. I hope you all can take the time to watch it yourselves. Here is the LINK. I think you may be as surprised as I was, which is a good ... Read More

A Rich Gathering

As the first day of SomatoEmotional Release 1 comes to a close, I find myself once again, in deep gratitude for this work I get to teach; to Dr. John Upledger for creating it, and for my staff in the class as well as those at The Upledger Institute for making this all possible! The sharing has been ... Read More

Honoring Dr. John Upledger

Yesterday was Dr. John Upledger’s birthday. As many of you know, he was a MAJOR mentor of mine and I will always be grateful to him for his work and his life. It has given me opportunities I would never have had without him. In his honor I am sharing an email that I just ... Read More