Monthly Archives: August 2015

Thank you Aren

This month at Esalen with Aren staffing the Legacy month has been wonderful – lots of deep support he offered the whole group as well as lots of laughter – this one caught by one of our students at dinner one evening. Thank you so much Aren – it was a pleasure!

Magical Photos by Daniel Bianchetta

I ran into my friend Daniel Bianchetta, whose website was linked to my Esalen blogs these past few weeks and he offered to pull some of his favorite photos for me to share with all of you in the realm of natural beauty here. I have the hummingbird photo (below) framed in my bedroom and ... Read More

More Condor Magic

The same condor has shown up two more times on Esalen property in the last two weeks – each time resting on a low branch in a public area for quite a while before departing. We know it is the same one because it has a big green tag with the number 2 on it. ... Read More

Condor Magic

In the ongoing saga of my summer here at Esalen, I walked out the door of our meeting space recently and saw a small huddle of my students looking up into the towering trees that overlook the creek. They were saying that there was a condor on a lower branch of the tree. I assumed they were ... Read More

The Ocean Refuses No River

The following quote comes from the mother of my friend Cynthia, who lived on the  ocean for many years. Thank you for sharing it with me Cynthia. “The simplicity of the relationship with the ocean comforts me; she wants nothing from me or I from her except I want to “be” with her.” Teaching here at ... Read More

Hummingbird Magic

After dinner with a friend sitting at a picnic table, Overlooking the lawn, pool and then ocean, A tiny hummingbird perched on the tip of an aloe Maybe fifteen feet away Caught my eye and drew my attention. In a resting moment It scratched its neck with one tiny claw Just like a dog would use its paw Back and forth ... Read More

Morning Whales

Woke up to the sound of a whale spouting Then another and another… Maybe a dozen in all over five minutes Wetness and air pressure combining to make this distinctive Pooouuush…. The sounds felt so close by Not exactly true of course, but some magic About sound carrying over water And the ocean being particularly quiet ... Read More

Whale Watching at Esalen

Magic is happening for me here at Esalen this summer. Hummingbird medicine, condor medicine and most of all, whale and dolphin medicine. In years past if we saw a whale spout way out on the Pacific horizon we would jump up and down and shout for everyone to come. We would then stand squinting at the ocean ... Read More

What We Say vs. What We Do

The importance of declaring what we want in our lives is huge in the process of creating or manifesting things that matter to us. Less talked about is what follows…and the process of watching what actually takes place vs. what we originally said we wanted. Carolyn Hax, one of my all-time favorite columnists in the Washington Post spoke ... Read More