Monthly Archives: May 2015

Sensuality and Honeysuckle

This is my favorite time of year here in Virginia. It has to do with honeysuckle. When I am out walking in the warm, moist air of this intimate time of year, and the scent of honeysuckle fills my nostrils, I have to stop. All I can do is breathe. There are no words that fully describe it. The ... Read More

Connecting with Fun People Who Cross Your Path

SO here I am at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, as you all know by now. One of the speakers here is Comedy Central’s 2009 Comedian of the Year, Kyle Cease. I was able to have a lovely, funny conversation with him after he valiantly held the stage at the after party in in the noisy ... Read More

Creativity and FEAR – Liz Gilbert Does it!

Last night was the first keynote here at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival and Liz Gilbert really knocked it out of the ballpark. Here are the highlights that really touched me a writer. She talked about the fact the FEAR is the constant companion of creativity. It just goes with the territory because creativity, by its ... Read More

Living From Your Full Compassionate Heart

I am so excited to be speaking on Living From Your Full Compassionate Heart at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival . The conference starts this Thursday evening. The lineup of speakers is awesome and it is one of the leading wellness festivals in the world The topic of how to live from a place of open heartedness while maintaining ... Read More

Drumming Rocks

I love to drum. My faithful Djembe goes to every workshop at Claymont to open each session. The group percussion and dance is a vital part of our circle gatherings. The drumming and movement this past week was playful and freeing and fun, and I have come home feeling wonderful. Deep gratitude to my entire staff and to all the ... Read More

As Presence Grows…

Expanding Present Moment Consciousness is here at Claymont Court, WV and once again I am in awe of the learning process. The issue of how to become more present – how to bring your full presence to the treatment room or board room or family room is more valuable now than ever before. So I am delighted to be here ... Read More

The Infinite Power of Presence

I am excited to be starting Expanding Presence Moment Consciousness tomorrow at the beautiful Claymont Court – it brings me great pleasure and joy to return there several times a year for retreats. Housed in the stately mansion, fed delicious healthy food and having time off to rest and rejuvenate – I find myself each year ... Read More

Carolyn Hax Nails it Again

As I am completing the first chapter in my next book, I was delighted to read Carolyn Hax  in the Washington Post this morning on how to process big emotional times in a way that feeds rather than drains you – meaning, not suppressing your emotions but also not drowning in them. How does this work? ... Read More

Sharing What I Know to Be True

Yesterday, I felt honored to kick off the first of 12 interviews in our online ALL YEAR LONG Empower Your CST Practice series. The questions I was asked by Kate and by the audience were quite good and I got to share some really compelling moments from my practice about presence and how it modulates stress ... Read More