Monthly Archives: December 2014

Timing and Acceptance

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… …something resembling a kitchen… as the holidays are rapidly approaching… I should be thankful for what is coming. I know this in my cognitive brain. My heart should be feeling all the warmth of the upcoming kitchen that Carlos has so masterfully planned. I ... Read More

Kitchenless Repercussions

Going into week #3 of no kitchen…I think I may be hallucinating as the disorientation of not being able to find much of anything sets in…found myself hugging what appeared to be a reindeer in Cafesano tonight!

Shakti Gawain’s New Book

One of the angels who helped me get my book published through New World Library, Shakti Gawain, has recently come out with a new book on relationships. Her writing has touched thousands across the years and I have no doubt that this book will as well. Here is the information about it. Countless psychologists and ... Read More

Kitchens and the Spirit of Food

Two events have recently occurred that cross paths in my psyche – one is my friend and colleague, Richard Griffin (who gave his permission to share this) wrote a wonderful piece on his Facebook page about food and spirituality. It really touched my heart and fed my soul so I want to share it with all ... Read More

“Origins” Film Brings Excellent Information

This film is very well done and in my opinion needs to be seen by every educated American. Here is the link: It is an educational process that our system is missing, for sure. And, enjoy!