Monthly Archives: June 2014

Maya Angelou’s Eulogy by Michelle Obama

Last Saturday the world honored and celebrated the life of one of the most powerful women I have ever learned from. The first lady offered an inspiring tribute to Angelou, whom she called “the master.” She described how Angelou’s writing strengthened her as a human being — especially the way Angelou celebrated black women despite ... Read More

Audubon in the Morning

What an exquisite morning Рcool, bright and clear as a bell. I started my day with a walk around the lake with my friend Jody. What a delight! This is the time of year to enjoy the mornings. I felt completely energized by the time we were done Рit was magnificent.

Celebrate Your Personal Strengths

I was really impressed with this 8 minute video about truly becoming the person you were meant to be and how that will also make you happy. The people who created this have done a marvelous job of putting together a well orchestrated, beautiful presentation that I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Honeysuckle Breezes

Honeysuckle breezes Filling my nostrils With sweet scent that lingers Even after I pass by and you are gone. I know you are a weed Officially an invasive species And yet I am seduced into loving you Over and over again each spring Called by your delicate blossoms And that rich velvety scent. Sometimes when ... Read More