Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Canary Kids Project

Please take 7 minutes and watch this film about recovering the health of our children in the face of the rising rates of autism, ADHD, allergies, and other disorders. If you watch closely, one of the ways that is being shown is CranioSacral therapy. I am excited for these physicians and researchers and I wish ... Read More

Love 2.0 – Barbara L. Fredrickson

What a wonderful two weeks I just spent in Alberta, Canada – and in both classes I taught about the energy of love, and the power it holds to transform our most wounded, contracted places. Now, Barbara L. Fredrickson has written a book on just this topic and the positive physiological effects on our cells. Here is ... Read More

Happiness and Nurturing Touch

The research continues to pour in on happiness and nurturing touch – I like this article as it pretty much summarizes it all in one place – so take a minute and catch up on why nurturing touch of ALL kinds helps us thrive. LINK HERE. And, enjoy!

Open to New Awareness

Day two of Advanced Energy Dynamics & Applications I and opportunities for new awareness were at every turn. New awareness about how your presence is being received by others. New awareness about what emotionally triggers you and causes you to shut down. New awareness about how to expand back into your full presence again. New awareness of ... Read More

Why is Your Presence SO Important?

As the first day of Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I came to a close yesterday, I realized how vital it is to understand the underlying dynamics of a strong, loving presence. Most of the people in the class are very talented, hard working care-givers of some kind – professionally and personally. And, the defining feature they ... Read More

Happy Birthday Christy!

A huge wave of gratitude goes out today to the woman who is my Admin Goddess – the on the ground – day-in-day-out support for the Healing From the Core office. She works tirelessly behind the scenes making all things HFC happen and does a magnificent job of it all! And, today is her birthday – so ... Read More

Gratitude for My Father

Each Father’s day, I am drawn back again and again to gratitude and how it changes my experience of life. Honoring the men who are caring for children, animals and the earth today is important. I am spending this Father’s Day teaching a large and wonderful circle of people. As I teach I can feel my Dad smiling ... Read More

Healing From the Core Comes to Canada

Tomorrow begins Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries here in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Once again, our fabulous local sponsor, Tamara Watt has gathered a wonderful group to learn the process of really being present in our own lives and for those we treat and live with as well. Many of the participants are hands ... Read More

Foods That Kill Cancer

I love – it helps me easily discover what the thought leaders in different arenas are doing creatively. As a life long learner myself, I could watch these talks all day. I like being able to pick and choose those in my areas of interest and watch them whenever time permits. I will warn you that one ... Read More