Monthly Archives: May 2014

Love Liberates – Remembering Maya Angelou

This short youtube video is one of my favorite pieces by Maya Angelou. She died yesterday and will be missed by so many. The good news is that she has left a wealth of books, poems, youtube videos and endless other ways to continue to be inspired. She was an amazing, strong, tender, juicy woman and one ... Read More

Sacred Gatherings

Today is the last day of Clinical Applications for CST & SomatoEmotional Release. What a long name for such an intimate 5 days of deep sharing and learning together. It truly has been a sacred gathering – thank you Lisa Upledger for creating this course structure years ago. One of the big reminders for me from these ... Read More

But of Course You Can!

Due to the flood of emails I received on Friday’s post on Esalen I need to clarify: YES – there are several classes for both women and men. YES – there is a class specifically for ALL people, chock full of practical daily skills for living from the deep wisdom of our body (HFSEL) YES – there are courses that are specifically for advanced ... Read More

The Smell of Eucalyptus and Esalen

The scent of eucalyptus filled my nostrils as I leaned back on the soft cushions in House of Steep the afternoon – I received a completely relaxing reflexology treatment from Vital Akimana, a talented, gentle, kind massage therapist who works there. The entire environment is delightful and I recommend it to anyone needing some respite from the stress ... Read More

Mother’s Day Revisited

After a  week of sleeping in my own bed with cat and Carlos, and then a weekend with my beloved son home, I am thinking back on Mother’s Day. Mine was lovely. A quiet, relaxed day, I gathered with close friends and family for brunch. Then a visit to the Botanical Gardens downtown followed by a quiet meal together ... Read More

The Present Moment in Every Day Life

As this powerful gathering ends today, the question arises: How do we take the power of what we have experienced here together back into our busy, daily lives? Reflecting on what we have experienced together these last five days, the answer is actually quite simple. I remind you of the paragraph we opened with last Wednesday ... Read More

Freedom From the Prison of Our Stories

I have a guest blogger today – Patrice Ficken is on staff for this weekend and she writes: “As I listen and hold space for the group this week, I see facets of my own story reflected back to me. I see how the “story” keeps us stuck in our head – how it’s like a ... Read More

The Power of Presence

Your presence…simply being here. Sitting beside me, a hand touching my back No agenda Neutral presence…deeply connected Fear slowly melting At its own pace No agenda Freedom bubbles up I can breathe deeply again For the first time in as long as I can remember. Thank you…for your presence.