Monthly Archives: March 2014

Dark Chocolate Wins Again

This is a whimsical, but important piece about the health benefits of dark chocolate – read it and enjoy a piece!

Tara Brach and the key to healthy relationships . . .

As we all know, it’s often challenging to remain open and trusting when relationships get tough. Sometimes it can be much easier to walk away in hurt and judgment. And that’s because our own insecurity can become toxic, lead to defensiveness, and cause us to shut down. Mindfulness can help us get beyond this, to ... Read More

Fake it Until You Become It

This talk by Amy Cuddy from Harvard business school is a really thought provoking piece on embodiment and energy and power. It has clear ramifications for all of us in the Healing From the Core work as it speaks to what happens when you take a physical stance of power and how it can ... Read More

Empathy vs. Sympathy

March 18, 2014 Thought this short animation piece (under 3 minutes) on the difference between empathy and sympathy is entertaining at the same time that it starts a great conversation about the basic differences between these two verbs and their actions – take a look and let me know what you think!

Ann Randolph is Returning to Arena Stage!

My friend and colleague, Mel-Brooks-produced Comedian and writer Ann Randolph, will be performing here, in D.C. at the Arena Stage in Downtown D.C. from March 18-April 23!  I am super excited to have her back here on the east coast, performing again so soon after her amazing one-night-only show one year ago. As soon as ... Read More

Vitality is Here – Watch it Today for Free!

I receive health newsletters from many excellent healthcare providers of all kinds – and on Friday I received my weekly update from Dr. Mark Hyman with this link to a new documentary  (54 minutes long) on what creates health and true vitality. It is extremely well done and informative with all the facts about what ... Read More

Wake Up – Sleep is Vital to Our Health!

My favorite columnist this week is Karen Ravn of the LA Times – she has written yet another article on an important health issue – sleep. She adds to her Day Light Savings Time article from my post yesterday. Here is the LINK . Much is being said these days about sleep and the long term ... Read More

True Beauty Comes From Within

My friend and colleague Richard Griffin just sent me this must-see-link to a fabulous speech given by the Oscar Winning Lupita Nyong’o. It was her acceptance speech for Best Breakthrough Performance at the 7th annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon hosted by Essence Magazine earlier last month. Her talk on what constitutes true beauty is ... Read More