Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy Birthday Karen!

December 27, 2013 Today is my good friend Karen Hale’s birthday. We are not in the same location, so I am taking this time to say it out loud to the world and to you Karen through this blog post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN! You are my most longstanding “friend connection”. We have been through thick ... Read More

It’s Presence, Not Presents, that Matters Today

I am taking today, and the next week, to rest and be with my family and friends. It truly is my loving presence that matters to those who are closest to me. So, please enjoy the holiday and take time to really be present with those you love the most. If they are far away, ... Read More

Solstice Prayers for Peace

One of the teachers I respect the most in terms of connections to the indigenous peoples today is Alberto Villodo. He has written a simple prayer for peace, meant to be practiced tomorrow, on the Winter Solstice. Here is the LINK. And, enjoy!

Remembering What is Important

Tonight I want to take my hat off to Rick Hanson, author and speaker, about his reminders for this time of the year. He speaks about how having a happy holiday is not about looking perfect, having the perfect decorations or gifts, or cookies. It is truly “…about how to avoid becoming too attached to ... Read More

Release and Renewal in the New Year

As the holidays approach I find myself excited about the upcoming family time, good food and community gathering of this season. There is much that I love and enjoy about Christmas time. And beyond that I am dreaming about the Release and Renewal training in Sedona, January 8 – 12, 2014. I love the quiet ... Read More