Monthly Archives: October 2013

Why and How Meditation Works

I want to share today a short video that is probably one of the best synopses of what happens to us when we practice some form of meditation. I certainly consider all of my inner explorations as a special form of meditation, so when I heard Brian’s clear, concise overview from his Philosophers Notes series ... Read More

More on GMO Labeling and How the Tide is Turning

Tune in LINK HERE to the hear an 8 minutes video done by the head of the Organic Consumers Association talk about where we are right now politically on taking back our right to know what we are eating. This video is not about the dangers of Genetically Modified foods (that is clearly no longer ... Read More

GMO Web Summit

As I head out of town to see my son this weekend, I caught this email about this amazing summit going on for the next two days (it started yesterday) packed with information – clear, accurate information – about Genetically Modified Foods and the effect that they are having on all of us. Some of ... Read More

Women and Presence

This young student has really said so clearly what many women struggle with in our world today. Bravo for her clarity! Thank you to the many women who passed this one on to me. HERE IS THE LINK to her 3 minute poetry slam piece that I think will speak to many of you. And, enjoy!

Happy Birthday Aren!

Today is my son Aren’s 20th birthday. I feel such warmth when I remember his birth. It was not painless. In fact  it was far from it. And yet, once he was there in my arms a quiet sense of calm and peacefulness filled the room. I have always felt blessed to be his mother. ... Read More

Immune Function and Trauma Intertwine

I just returned from teaching 26 students The Upledger Institute’s CranioSacral Immune Response I in New York City. It was a great group and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. On several occasions during the class I was struck by how trauma effects immune function: how shock – large or small – can freeze and paralyze our ... Read More

Interview with Alexandra Jaye Johnson Coming Next Week

Hey Everybody! I’m looking forward to the upcoming virtual conference The Pleasure Advantage.  I contributed to the conference  in a fabulous interview with en*theos co-founder Alexandra Jaye Johnson about how a well-grounded presence and a full container not only contribute to, but are essential for the experience of pleasure! This interview, along with her conversations ... Read More

Weekend Workshop Comes to Reston in Ten Days!

A few years ago, people kept asking me about tools they could take home and use today, for increased presence and grounding in their everyday lives.  Some of you wanted practical, immediate applications for more grounding and energy, right now. Out of your requests, the two-day Full Body Presence: Skills to Energize Your Life workshop ... Read More

Great Piece on Women Supporting Women

Thank you to Alix Lindblom for forwarding this piece on women and how we are culturally set up to not support each other and how we can change that. The link is below. It is a very short piece – well written. LINK HERE – and enjoy!

Creativity and Music

Thank you to my friend Judye Heitfield for passing on this fabulous, very short video about music and mind-blowing creativity – take three minutes and watch this one – it will expand your perceptual lens in a fabulous way! LINK HERE and enjoy!