Monthly Archives: September 2013

Plain Talk on the Politics of the Extreme Right

As we sit with Congress caught in a web of political craziness in the last hours before a government shut down, my friend Carol Duffner sent me a YouTube video of plain speaking Jeff Daniels (who just won an Emmy) from the TV series, The Newsroom. I swear that series did much better coverage of what was ... Read More

Invoking a Friendlier Time

I have lived in the Washington, DC area for most of my life. Therefore I have had a front row seat for some pretty crazy political antics. SO today’s blog post is here to invoke a time where the politicians had major differences, but still spoke and laughed together. Here is the LINK to one ... Read More

Publishing Full Body Presence in Spanish

So, many of you know by now that the Turkish edition of Full Body Presence is here! Next, I am actively looking for a really good publisher to do the Spanish edition. Much of the work has already been done on this one. We already have the audio downloads translated and recorded in Spanish, and ... Read More

Have You Heard?

Last week I received a small box from my publisher, New World Library. In it there were three light green, hard-backed books with strange lettering. A note was on the top one, telling me that these were my free copies of the Turkish edition of Full Body Presence! How exciting is that? And, even more ... Read More

Advanced Energy Dynamics & Applications I

I am home again, after diving in for five days of wonderful study, growth, sharing and healing at Claymont Court, West Va. The chemistry of the group was magical and although this course is full of challenging material and practices, everyone dived in with me and had a great time. We drummed, danced, shared, laughed ... Read More

Candace Pert Leaves Her Mark

My colleague Avadhan Larson just sent me the following LINK  about the death of Candace Pert on September 12th. I immediately felt a loss of a giant in the healing field and certainly someone I learned from early on through her book, Molecules of Emotion.  It clarified and explained so much of what I was feeling ... Read More

Maya Angelou Wisdom

I was struck by this youtube video by Maya Angelou. What a wise woman! Here is the LINK. Enjoy!

A New Look at Stress

Thank you to my colleague, Joel Ying, for sending me this fascinating talk on Stress and Resilience by Kelly McGonigal. She is turning the idea of stress and what it does to us inside out. This is a great listen. Here is the LINK . Enjoy!