Monthly Archives: July 2013

Healing the Pelvic Floor Begins!

Healing the Pelvic Floor for women has begun and today was rich and deep. One of my staff members, Chery Owens, did a wonderful blog post about this first day. Here is a link to her post: LINK HERE Enjoy!

Arriving in Each Moment

As my first week in California draws to a close, I am once again reminded of the rejuvenating nature of this place for me. Each moment of each day becomes more precious as I find myself slowing down. A massage, a beautiful sunset with the time to watch it, soaking in the mineral baths with ... Read More

Humility Speaks

A good friend passed on this blog post to me and I was deeply touched by it – Stu is a local Reston resident and obviously a truth seeker – have a look at his blog post on humility. LINK HERE – and enjoy!

Shamanic Wisdom

I continue to be impressed by Alberto Villodo’s newsletter on the journey of the Shaman, Mystic and Sorcerer – their similarities and their differences – click on THIS LINK to read more.

Full Moon Rising

Thought I would start the week off with something truly awe inspiring. Thanks Tamara for passing this on to me! The Australian Mark Gee video captured a stunning image of the moon hovering over the viewpoint of Mount Victoria in Wellington (New Zealand). Within days, the video reached 110,000 views and is a rage on ... Read More

Coming to Our Senses

In a recent newsletter from Alberto Villodo, he spoke of the power of our senses, our ability to feel what is uniquely ours – our inner landscape – and how it shapes our reality. He speaks about it from the perspective of the shaman and I am reminded of my native elder teachers and how ... Read More

It’s Not About the Nail

This is just WAAAAY too funny – and I have to share it for all the sweet men in my life – it is short and hopefully will make you smile too. LINK HERE

Overcoming Perfectionism – Brene Brown

One of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, gets interviewed by another favorite of mine, Oprah Winfrey. Really short and sweet – HERE IS THE LINK. There is a short commercial to start off which can be ignored.

Dancing Their Way Through Life

I love to dance and have danced all my life. And, I really enjoy watching really good partner dancing. The dancing here is clearly fun as well as excellent. No glittery costumes, no excess makeup. Just really great dancing – take a few minutes and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Especially ... Read More