Monthly Archives: May 2013

Full Body Presence Comes to Budapest

This European tour is such a lesson for me in navigating through different places, cultures and times – and now I am in Budapest! Outside of Budapest actually in the lovely home of my sponsor Orsi Gabriel. And I am excited to be starting the Full Body Presence workshop here tomorrow. Stay tuned for details!

Reflections on The Breath of Life

As I reflect on the last week here in London, I feel deep gratitude for the grace and generosity that were present in the 2013 Breath of Life Conference.  Before flying out this morning I sat for an hour with Emilie Conrad and we both remarked on the harmony present in this gathering. It felt ... Read More

Peter Levine Does His Magic

Today we got to watch Peter Levine do his “magic” with two different volunteers and it was fascinating to see. Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a rich, intuitive healing system. I enjoyed his work immensely. After sitting for four straight days, Karen Axelrod, Linda Fuller and I decided to walk all the way home from the ... Read More

Stephen Porges and the Polyvagal Theory

Stephen Porges presented his Polyvagal theory today to all of us and it was fascinating. We have moved venues (to the Rembrandt Hotel) and are now down in the South Kensington area of London across from the Victoria and Albert Museum. This city is beautiful and the last three days have been sunny and cool. ... Read More

Breath of Life Conference Update

As the conference closes I am struck by the diversity and creativity of all the presenters.  There was a wonderful synergy about this conference that was truly remarkable.  I presented today and had a blast doing it. Karen Axelrod, my friend and colleague is here assisting me. I have gotten to spend time with my dear friend ... Read More

Breath of Life Conference Starts Today

As the rain and cold recede, and the sun emerges here in London, the Breath of Life Conference 2013 begins to day with some wonderful speakers. I look forward to a day of gathering with like-minded and warm hearted people to learn and grow together!

London and the Breath of Life Conference

Headed down to London today to begin the chapter of this European adventure entitled: The Breath of Life Conference – wow!!! I am quite excited to presenting with people whose work I have been quoting for years, such as Daniel Siegel and Peter Levine. My good friend and colleague Emilie Conrad will also be speaking ... Read More

Inveraray Bluebells and Beauty

I must say I never really got the big deal about bluebells – in the United States they are just another tiny sized spring flower seen here and there with others. Then I arrived here in the wilds of Argyll and traveled to Inveraray today with Janis. The carpets of bluebells on the forest floor ... Read More

Loch Country in Scotland

Just when I was sure I had seen the best of Scotland in the beautiful town of Ayr on the western coast, I was taken to the home of my friend and colleague Janis McCall in wild Argyll – we passed Loch Lomond and Loch Long and then Loch Fyne on the way home. What ... Read More

Swimming in a Sea of Unconditional Love

As we complete the fifth day (special advanced level day) we are practicing being seen and accepted by another with no agenda – “drinking in” the other person with gentle touch. What a delightful way to bring these five days to a close. It has been a true delight. Then there is the beauty of ... Read More