Monthly Archives: April 2013

Quiet Time and the Present Moment

As I prepare for Expanding Present Moment Consciousness which begins tomorrow, I am taking my own introverted time to reflect on how this process of growth and consciousness occurs for different types of people. Healing occurs when we have quiet time to ourselves for reflection and journaling and napping and drawing and walking alone. It also ... Read More

On Slowing Down – Present Moment Consciousness

I have realized across the years that as my life has sped up, filled up, overflowed with events, challenges, life stuff and dreams, that I have somehow known to make time in my schedule to slow down. I schedule extended meals with friends, relaxing bodywork, walks with no goal in mind, enough time to sleep ... Read More

On Natural Talent

I do not know the origins behind this video, or how this child came to be next to this incredible soprano street singer, but this 40 seconds of natural talent, soul essence pouring through is fabulous. Have a look – LINK HERE And enjoy!

What Happens To Our Presence When We Keep Secrets

Bruce Muzik has done a fascinating talk about keeping secrets – and how they deaden, numb and confine us. I see secrets in the same category with shame and often we hold secrets about things that make us feel ashamed. Have a look – and enjoy! Here is the LINK

Being Fully Present as a Woman

In this talk, Alisa Vitti has a unique presentation on being a woman and how our bodies work best which she calls “loving our lady parts.”  I enjoyed her immensely and I think you might, too. Here is the link. Enjoy!

What Gets in the Way of Being Fully Present

This talk is great for showing what happens to our capacity to be present, thinking clearly, and able to “be brilliant every day”. A great summary of the science behind Heart Math in an eye opening 20 minute presentation by Dr. Alan Watkins. Definitely worth the time. Here is the link. Enjoy!

You Matter

This talk by Angela Maiers warmed my heart. The title seemed a bit trite, but her enthusiasm, her presence and her heart are all spot on in my opinion. Here is the link. Enjoy!

Joyous Presence

I love this guy Matthew Harding, and his signature presence is definitely filled with joy – and a lightness that opens doors everywhere – enjoy this video LINK HERE – Thank you Therese Taylor for passing this on to me. And have a wonderful day!