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Explorations – What are They?

Whenever my creative juices get flowing around how to explain things in my world, they won’t stop until things are complete. And, as I went to bed last night, I knew my explanations of meditation, hypnosis, guided imagery and Full Body Presence (FBP) explorations were not done. For one thing, it still sounded like I ... Read More

Meditations, Explorations and More

Continuing from yesterday with Lisa Machado’s queries: LM: One of your strategies to reach this state of being “present” is meditation. Tell us a bit about meditation. What is meditation? How does it help us achieve an awareness? SSD: Let’s start with two definitions of meditation so we are all on the same page.  Meditation: an ... Read More

What Exactly is Presence?

Last week Lisa Machado, who runs a support group for people with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia in Toronto, contacted me with some questions about presence and health. They were such wonderful questions that I thought I’d make them the topic for the next few days on this blog. Explaining about a subject as “fuzzy” as presence is challenging, ... Read More


This weekend a wonderful group is gathered here to learn how to be Healing From the Core Practitioners and Presenters. We are all working hard exploring new territory as they learn and practice together. I glean new ways to improve this process with each group that comes through and this time has been no exception. ... Read More

HFC Explorations in Spanish!

Today was an exciting day for me. One of the people who is here for the HFC Presenter’s Tutorial this weekend, Carolina Joos, is from Venzuela. And she and I spent the afternoon listening to two of the three explorations from my book, Full Body Presence IN SPANISH! She did a beautiful job and I ... Read More

An Ellen Bass Poem on Dying

As we march forward into Spring, I got an email today from one of my favorite poets, Roger Houston LINK HERE . In it he had this fabulous poem by Ellen Bass, another favorite on my list of poets. Here is his intro and her poem – it is an exquisite look at death and dying. ... Read More

Drinking Deeply in the Well of Your Soul

Yesterday I blogged about what we miss when we move at top speed or top capacity for most of our lives. I talked about how what we miss is being able to tap into the deep well of the heart when life is whizzing by. Then a colleague of mine came in and shared this ... Read More

Rejuvenation in the Age of Speed

This post is one meant to spawn a discussion – perhaps an inner discussion, or perhaps a community conversation about finding an inner life rhythm that supports health, and allows for respite, rest and rejuvenation in today’s busy world. First, as I contemplated all of this, I was struck by how much this rhythm depends ... Read More

Winter Prevails a Little Longer

As Spring tries to emerge, Winter keeps dropping in, Like an uninvited  visitor Bestowing us with soft white blankets That last less than a day But make me feel like Building a fire And making soup And snuggling in for a little while longer.

God Never Gives Us More Than We Can Handle?

March 12, 2012 God never gives us more than we can handle, right? How many times have you had a well meaning friend say this to you? The problem is not with the phrase, it is what we do with it. The subtext you hear in your head and in your psyche is what says ... Read More