Monthly Archives: January 2013

New Year Blessing to Cherish

As January comes to a close, and I head back to Sedona for Advanced Energy Dynamics II, I leave you with a new year blessing sent to me just last week by a colleague, (thank you Sylvia Isaacson.) You experienced some of this man’s work on Monday with the Moon Blessing. Today’s post is another blessing that ... Read More

Halifax was Wonderful

My colleague Joanna Haymore just returned from teaching Full Body Presence in Halifax, Nova Scotia and she did a fabulous blog post (complete with photos) about the week. Here is the Link. I thoroughly enjoy her writing. Enjoy!

The Interconnectedness of All of Life

My colleague Gene Miller sent me a link to this blog about nature and insects and plants and…well…what sustains life. Here is the LINK. It is an eye-opener for sure – and one we need to keep an eye on as big agribusiness tries to dominate our country and GMOs are so plentiful you have ... Read More

Moon Blessing

On the arrival of this beautiful full moon we have, I share with you someone new I have just discovered, Steve Garnaas-Holmes. His blog posts are full of blessings that touch my heart. One of the good things about the internet is how easy it is to share the richness of others and giving them ... Read More

When the Chips are Down

Last night I got quite an unpleasant surprise and the following is an email that I had to send out today in order to keep my commitments in the coming months, schedule-wise. Read it all the way through to hear how it is turning out! Dear friends, clients and colleagues, This is an email I ... Read More

Resilience as a 21st Century Imperative

The Huffington Post has a fascinating and eye opening article today on global resilience and health. Here is the link. I love that it talks about resilience and health from a human global level all the way down to a body systems level. It is a quick read and well worth your time. Enjoy!

Closing Inaugural Prayer

As this day of celebration and new beginning comes to a close here in Washington, DC, I found myself in awe of the whole process – of how hope springs anew for another four years, and inspirational words flowed freely throughout the day from many different sources. Rev. Luis Leon’s prayer stayed with me long after ... Read More

Exuberance – Are You Willing to Go For It?

The left brain, linear mind wants life to be manageable, controllable, predictable, reliable – categorizing it, figuring it out. And, we do need this side of ourselves, however, it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that this part is not supposed to be driving the bus of my existence! So what part of me makes ... Read More

Jennifer Berenzen Does it Again

An exquisitely beautiful musical creation crafted by one of my favorite musicians Jennifer Berenzen. She seems to be living out her potential of creating beauty from the gifts she has been given – thank you Jennifer! (the link is below)

Manifesting Your Soul’s Voice

As I continue this discussion about leading an authentic life and manifesting what the soul’s voice is asking for, I ran across these questions to ask when you find yourself stymied by excuses (or resistance to change.) Re: Excuses – whatever they are – fear of success or failure or whatever. Face them. Look them ... Read More