Monthly Archives: December 2012

Reflection Time

An interesting thing happens every now and then. All my normal habitual patterns get scrambled, stymied or suspended for some reason. Travel definitely does this for most people. Particularly travel plans gone awry for some reason such as cancelled flights or road closings. Weather jumps in and contributes as well – like last week with ... Read More

Christmas Wishes to All

In this season of longer nights and shorter days, In this time of gathering with those we love, With a desire to open our hearts,   May we remember to lean into each other, Connecting more deeply and vulnerably. May the strength that comes out of showing our true colors Carry us into the Holiday ... Read More

Wishing You Love, Light and Joy on the Winter Solstice

As we round the turn of the Winter Solstice, letting go of the old and welcoming the new, I came across this Blog Post by Brene Brown. In it she shares answers to questions such as, “How do we enter this holiday season with the tragedies of the world haunting us? How do we not ... Read More

Response to Tragedy in Newtown

As I was running through airports this past week, the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut was unfolding on the television screens around me. As I read and listen more to what came down, the magnitude of this issue is hitting home. Then one of my colleagues and friends, Jen Richards-Little, sent me an article which is ... Read More

Energy Rich Community

I have finally landed back in California to complete the rest of the Legacy Program at Esalen Institute. I am sitting here with my steaming hot mug of tea, looking out at the rain and feeling very full. I have just spent last Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday swimming in what I call “”energy ... Read More

Music for the Holiday Season

Click this link for a spectacular version of O Come, Emmanuel played with cello and piano. Thank you Tamara for passing this on to me. And may you all enjoy this as much as I did!

Institute for Transformational Leadership – Launched!

I was honored to present my Full Body Presence work at this landmark conference at the Maritime Institute in Baltimore MD today. Below is the opening of my talk for these wonderful leadership coaches who gathered here to celebrate. “I am delighted and honored to be here celebrating this wonderful time with all of you. I ... Read More

Giant Sequoias

In honor of being here at Esalen, in the great state of California, I want to point you in the direction of the December issue of National Geographic magazine, and it’s beautiful article on Sequoias (with some startling new facts about these majestic trees.) Here is the link: Enjoy!

Sunrise and Sunset

Hi Everyone This past week has given us a wealth of gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the Pacific. Hmmm….sunsets over the Pacific, that makes sense, but how does a sunrise reflect on the Pacific? I have no idea. I just know that I took the first photo below just as the sun was coming over ... Read More

Pediatricians Speaking Out Against Pesticides

My colleague and friend, Teri Cochrane, who writes the nutrition blog Healing Paths, just posted a very important blog about the most recent research on pesticides and their effects on our children. Here is the link and it is well worth the read – thank you Teri! LINK to Healing Paths article.