Monthly Archives: September 2012

Nelson Mandela on Love and Hate

I love this quote by Nelson Mandela – thank you, Carol! To close our week, may we all remember that “Hate is not a family value” and anyone who propagates hatred is going down a slippery slope to a bottomless pit of fear and judgment. Not an existence I care to lead…

Desmond Tutu Talks About God

This really says it all in terms of how I experience God – The All, or however you address that Divine Force in the Universe. I love Desmond Tutu.

Dancing for Joy

The last night of the Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I workshop – after a day of learning, deep healing and release – we danced our buns off and it was a hoot. The graphic below really says it all – thanks for sending it to me, Carol. Anyone not involved would have wrongly assumed ... Read More

Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I

As I reflect back on the first two days of this valuable, life-changing workshop, it feels as though we have been here for years with each other and yet just arrived. The chemistry in this group is quite magical, and the work we have done together has already been quite profound. The process of making ... Read More

Take Two Cats at Bedtime

I thoroughly enjoy Lynne McTaggart and she has done it again with this wonderful article about cats and purring and the science of it all. Here is the link – it is a short article – enjoy!

Why Fathers Really Matter

My colleague, Lori Chinitz, just sent me a fascinating article on epigenetics and parents from the New York Times. Here is the link. It will definitely make you think – the field of genetics and epigenetics is busting wide open these days and this article talks about how it relates to fathers as well as ... Read More

“Before I Die…”

My long time friend and colleague Therese Taylor just sent me this very moving TED talk by a New Orleans resident, Candy Chang, about making each moment count. I pass it on to each of you with the hope that you can take 6 minutes to watch it and laugh and cry and remember more ... Read More

95% Sure Isn’t Good Enough For Cohabitation

Well she did it again. Right to the heart of the issue and bringing in some ideas that really hit home with me. I appreciate Carolyn’s perspective – so catch this column for some surprising thoughts on moving in with someone before you get married. Here is the link And, enjoy!

Micromanaging Your Big News – Get Over It

This week with Carolyn Hax has left me saying “Yes!” over and over as each column rolls out. She has a consistent gift for seeing her way right to the bottom of an issue and naming it so clearly. This column (Here is the link) “Micromanaging Your Big News – Get Over It” is about the ... Read More

Another Wonderful Gathering of CST Therapists

Today was a fabulous gathering of CranioSacral therapists – a whole day of camaraderie which included questions and discussion, a complex demonstration made simple, a meal shared, and time for everyone to give and receive a treatment. We had many new people today because of the recent CSIR – Immune System class, and they enriched ... Read More