Monthly Archives: August 2012

One Term More

A respected colleague just sent me this video about the upcoming election and I think it bears passing on to everyone I know. Plus the music is fabulous. Click here to listen and enjoy!

What Really Matters

I was reminded again today, that as we are leaving this world – if we know it is coming – almost everyone, no matter how successful, no matter how esteemed or what position they held, says that what matters most is the love they shared with others in their life.


Some people feel the rain as it comes down, others simply get rained on.

Focus on What You Love

I had a lovely session today with a good friend today who reminded me of something important. She told me that recently she had realized that her world had gotten quite narrow, mostly focusing on what was not working – worrying about the many unsolved problems she was up against in her world – unmet ... Read More

Fear and Snakes

My blog post yesterday about the black snake triggered a lot of comments. I realize that in myself, the snake I saved was a metaphor within me, for something that represented fear – heart pumping, adrenaline producing, head-fogging fear. When I first looked at the snake I wanted to help, but my fear held me ... Read More

Snake Medicine

Sunday morning we discovered a five foot black snake completely caught up in the coarse netting my husband had put over the hostas to save them from the deer. It was a sad sight to see this magnificent snake twisted tightly into this girdle of plastic netting that was cutting off it’s life force slowly ... Read More

At Week’s End

At the end of a week of returning to the rhythm of my life here in Reston – getting to reconnect with clients, old friends, and my beloved Lake Audubon. It has been a week of just being here, with rest and rejuvenation at the top of the list of priorities. I have slept and ... Read More

Emotional Honesty and Effectiveness

A colleague sent me this link to a look at how the Women’s Olympic team supported each other and went on to win the Gold metal this past week. Excellent look at emotion and support an honesty as well as leadership. Here is the Link. Enjoy!

Tips to Leading Under Stress

I have just finished leading an exciting new class, CranioSacral Therapy and the Immune Response, which teaches how to listen to and support the immune system of the body. It is for CranioSacral therapists who have gone through at least the third level of training (SER I) in that curriculum. It was a packed, intense ... Read More