Monthly Archives: June 2012

How Do We Change the Frequency?

The quote from Einstein yesterday created a flurry of questions such as, “How do we change the frequency we are operating from?” The answer to that question is multi-faceted and many layered. Everyone can relate to finding ourselves operating from a dysfunctional negative frequency – one that comes out of trauma or loss or fear-based ... Read More


It is always interesting to notice how it feels when I first get home. I do my best to stay present and shift with all the grace and ease I can muster in that tired moment. Sometimes the judgement creeps in around family dynamics. Sometimes it is work stuff. This time the issue where I ... Read More

The Beauty of Canada All In One Day – Thanks to Tamara!

Thanks to Tamara Watt, I managed to see a stream of beauty that started outside of Calgary in Canmore, went all the way up to Jasper, and came all the way back down Route 93 in slightly more than 24 hours. Whew! With Tamara’s encouragement, I hiked quite a ways in Maligne Canyon and at ... Read More

An Exquisite Day of Connection

I love teaching here in Canada because Tamara Watt, my facilitator and sponsor extraordinaire always sets up an advanced day of sharing and learning on the Monday after the regular workshop ends. It was an exquisite day – the group of fifteen who stayed for this day dived in with me and explored calming the ... Read More

Holding a Healing Space

I am always inspired by teaching how to hold a healing space for another. Facilitating as  people learn how to be in relationship without losing energy is very exciting to me. I love watching the transformation as people who have accommodated to everyone else all their lives finally get their voice and their power back. ... Read More

Healing the Internal Resistance to Life

Today in FBP: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries is the day of learning how to hold the painful, distant, numb or disconnected parts of ourselves with unconditional love and no agenda. What a day – the healing process was powerful and deep. The courage of the group was immense. I think that watching the talks ... Read More

Grounding and Healthy Boundaries in Calgary

Today began the Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries workshop here in Calgary, Alberta. I am excited to be presenting this valuable skill set to such a wonderful group of people. We began by creating community and laying the foundation for the deeper healing to come. I feel such gratitude to be able to ... Read More

New Horizons Opening

I can feel the future arriving silently doors opening quietly hidden nuances becoming clearer as the light comes pouring in. I can taste the future sweet and tangy a little bit salty in certain moments as I roll it around on my tongue making my mouth water. I can hear the future a low hum ... Read More