Monthly Archives: May 2012

Early Morning Beauty

This week has given me a wonderful opportunity to walk at dawn. The air is sweet and cool, and the sunrise each day has been spectacular. I have gotten to walk around all the way around the lake every day this week so far. I am so happy! Here is a photo of the dawn ... Read More

Emptying the Cup

All my life I have had a propensity for filling my schedule and my life full of friends, events, tasks, and goals to be met. I am very inspired by what I do, so this is not a problem on many levels. However, too much – even of a good thing – is still too ... Read More

More of Terri St. Cloud

Another wonderful piece by Terri St. Cloud speaks to what occurred this past week in Expanding Present Moment Consciousness. Drop it. turn your back to it leave it behind. we need your hands free. we’ve got some digging to do to find your light that you lost along the way. it’s still there. even tho ... Read More

In Awe of the Healing That Happened

This past weekend brought the Expanding Present Moment Workshop to a close, leaving all of us who staffed it in awe of the healing that transpired in those five days. It was amazing and one of the participants sent me a poem by Terri St. Cloud that really says it all. Here it is, along ... Read More

Entering Sacred Space

Today in Expanding Present Moment Consciousness we have entered sacred space together, once again, with beautiful, significant changes and healing as the outcome. The glow of hearts newly opened, healthy boundaries newly formed and steadiness reclaimed was readily apparent as the circle came to a close a short while ago. I am eternally grateful to ... Read More

Crossing Thresholds of Health

As we continue in Expanding Present Moment Consciousness, we are exploring how to embody more deeply in all parts of our bodies using different breaths, sounds and movements. It has been an interesting day of exploration, crossing new thresholds where trauma and health separate. Realizing that as we drop more deeply into our bones, we ... Read More

Heart Opening Sweetness Arrives

I sit here tonight with my heart and chest feeling melted and warmed in a way that I have not experienced before in quite this way. The group exercise this morning took an unexpected turn as Spirit graced us with a sweet communion of souls. I was quietly holding space for the process in the ... Read More

Listening to Our Bones

We have begun the wonderful community building of the first day of Expanding Present Moment Consciousness. Dropping into our bones and listening to the voice of the Soul creates clarity for the next four days of our journey. It was rich, deep sharing that moved all of us to tears and laughter as we went ... Read More

Calling You to Your Senses

Tomorrow starts our advanced level training, Expanding Present Moment Consciousness – it is a training that I love to teach because I see it as a coming home to our senses – first order sensations that signal us that we are present in the moment. As I was taking a walk a few days ago, ... Read More

Tips on Being Happy

My friend and colleague, Teri Cochrane just posted on her blog, Healing Paths, a wonderful ink that lists all the things that get in the way of being happy – thus leaving you with happiness upon releasing them or giving them up. In my opinion, it is a great list: Here it is. Enjoy!