Monthly Archives: April 2012

Taking Time Off to Rest

As last weekend rolled in it began as an overwhelming sense of tiredness. Then the low grade fever and body aches ensued and I knew I had to rest. I have not been sick for a couple of years now. I recognize that the activity level of the last two weeks (wasn’t Beyond the Dura ... Read More

Depression and Anti-Depressants: What Works and What Does Not

My colleague Lori Chinitz (thanks Lori!) sent me this article from the New York Times magazine on the history and effectiveness of anti-depressants. Click here to read the whole article.  I think it behooves us to periodically revisit what we take for granted, as experience and history show things in a different light than the ... Read More

Life’s Ups and Downs

I continue to be amazed at how life offers me multiple opportunities in any given day to experience love and connection and beauty, and then lack and want and feelings of being less than someone else. As I look back over this week I am struck by the breadth of experience I have had in ... Read More

Holding the Whole Spectrum of Experience

In this vein of holding a breadth of life experiences, I have one more story to add to the list. Last week a couple in our community lost their son’s fiancé. Their son is devastated. They are heart-broken for him and all that it means for his world. We simply do not expect death to ... Read More

A Reassuring Experience

While I was writing yesterday about the poor mallard duck that was so severely neurologically impaired by whatever toxic chemical had gotten dumped or sprayed on her home in the hedges, my door bell rang. At the door was a young man from a Pest Removal company letting me know that they were going to ... Read More

A Haunting Environmental Experience

Something happened my last morning in Florida that has stayed with me. I find myself mulling it over in my mind and the images and smells won’t leave. I was taking a walk with one of my colleagues in a well appointed, gated community across the street from our hotel. The air was unseasonably crisp ... Read More

Health Update on Plastic Packaging

April 17th in the Washington Post Health and Science section there was an article about how eating things that are housed in certain plastics means that we are ingesting that plastic to some degree along with our food. Below is the link to the article – well written and worth the few minutes it will ... Read More

Deep Love, Connection, Gratitude and Inspiration!

I have just completed the 2012 Beyond the Dura conference in Jupiter Beach, FL and I am leaving with a feeling of deep love, connection, gratitude and inspiration that was shared by many throughout the conference. The deep love was what we felt for this incredible work we do every day; work that does so ... Read More

A New Vitality is Awakening

Angela Stevens is my guest blogger today – speaking about her experiences here at Beyond the Dura. I feel so jazzed by the whole conference this year – there is an exciting new vitality coming from the breadth of the vision that is unfolding for CranioSacral therapy. As it moves forward, there is such deeper ... Read More

Beyond the Dura – Beyond Our Expectations

I have just spent the day listening to my colleagues speak and share exciting information about the history –  and then future – of CranioSacral therapy. What a fabulous day. We have been inspired by Chas Perry on the Essence of Dr. Upledger’s work, listened to research on all aspects of  CST including migraine headaches, ... Read More