Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Choice Less Frequently Chosen

I have been in a lot of airports recently and all the newly installed TSA X-ray machines are getting a lot of use. Very few people ask for the pat down option instead of the low dose radiation bath. I understand their choice in terms of time. It does take about 5 minutes longer to ... Read More

More on Projections and Assumptions

No sooner did I post my blog yesterday – on what I am now starting to call “Assumptions Gone Wrong” – than I began to receive emails from people reporting all kinds of responses. It seems that many people find themselves in similar circumstances to mine and the blog post helped “stir up their pot.” ... Read More

When What You Assume Is Really Off

Assumptions that we make about each other can be really insidious, unconscious things. They can eat into our experience of life, our relationships, our self-esteem and how we treat those around us. In the psychotherapy world they are called “projections.” And, they can persist for years and years masked as facts. “Well, isn’t that just ... Read More

Healthy Food Resources

In my life’s work I am all about learning to connect to healthy resources. Today I received an email about one of those resources that is getting more and more press all the time. It is vital that we turn our attention in this direction at this point. The question is how to turn around ... Read More

The Illusion of Control

As I plan and strategize and budget and lean into the future, I would be wise to remember that life works better when I realize that I can do all of the above and still have what unfolds completely surprise me. Life has its own rhythm and flow. Any illusion of control is rather pointless ... Read More

Immune System Inspiration

Having just returned from being immersed in the immune system class material, I am seeing opportunities everywhere for what I just learned to teach. Of the five sessions I did today, three of them had some immune system dialogue. I also began my day by balancing some of my own immune system’s imbalances in meditation. ... Read More

Life As We Live It

As this week unfolds, I am struck by how my choices in each moment affect my relationships. And, how it often happens unplanned. And, if I am not available for it – as in present-in-the-moment -it can be missed altogether. Tonight my son and I, on the spur of the moment, changed direction completely and ... Read More

Returning Home

How do we come home after a week of inspiring learning and re-integrate back into our normal daily lives? It is often a challenge for me. At first, years ago, I thought it was that all those people at home were just out of it. Recently, I have realized that for me it is has ... Read More

Rich With Inspiration

As the CranioSacral Immune Response class wrapped up yesterday I was very inspired by what had transpired in those four days and what the students were taking home for their clients and patients. The last day begins with a huge lecture and discussion about what happens when the immune system goes awry – auto immune ... Read More

Connecting Deeply to the Immune System

As we round the curve of the third day of the CranioSacral Immune Response class here at the Upledger Institute, I am fascinated by how powerful the work we do is, when someone is fully present. What does this mean? It means being able to feel your feet on the floor, your spine, your heart, ... Read More