Monthly Archives: January 2012

Forgiveness and Freedom

There is a certain feeling of freedom in being able to forgive someone for something that I have been holding against them for years. I used to think that forgiveness was only for the other person’s benefit. I did not get that it all had to do with me. I can still get caught in ... Read More

A Sunset to Remember

5:30 pm – I am driving in rush hour traffic across Reston – intent upon getting my son to work in time – and we round a curve on Sunrise Valley Drive to see this sunset.  Both of us were riveted by Mother Nature’s effortless show of beauty (and that is hard to do with ... Read More

Emotional Dependency – What is Too Much?

One of my favorite columnists, Carolyn Hax, takes on a familiar topic – boundaries, emotional boundaries to be exact – in her column today (click on her name above to get to the column) and I thought you all would enjoy her take on it. I whole heartedly agree with what she has to say. ... Read More

Music as Medicine

I found a wonderful talk today done by Robert Gupta on music and it’s capacity to heal. Take a listen for yourselves. – and, enjoy!

Listening to My Heart

As I travel through this busy life Days full of play and work responsibilities Moments filled with joy, pain or both My mind sometimes thinks it is boss, Until my heart emerges, Surges into my awareness Filling up and spilling over with love Being touched by someone or something I see. Sometimes reminding me of ... Read More

Leaning Outward or Leaning Inward

A client came in today with an interesting issue. It became apparent as we worked together and she listened to her inner wisdom, that she had spent most of her life leaning outward, and into those she cared for – meaning she did not have a strong sense of who she was, at a soul ... Read More

2012 – Here We Come!

I have spent this month dreaming and carefully planning how to share more of the message of Full Body Presence in 2012. As we slowly put it all into a newsletter for all of you (coming out next week), I am feeling more and more excited by what we are offering – so I have to share ... Read More

Trusting That Spirit Supports Our Best Efforts

I am always riding the continuum between working hard to put forth my best effort in any given endeavor (knowing that it is not perfect, but it is perfectly good enough) and letting go and trusting that Spirit will support me and bring me what I need.  I know both of these ends of the ... Read More


I rarely have time to read for pleasure, but this week I got to read Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I laughed out loud on multiple occasions, and then, found myself underlining certain really wonderful passages about what makes things work better. She taught me a few things about life and presence in the guise of “The ... Read More

Into Sunlight

A colleague of mine in Continuum, Robin Becker, is going to be at Georgetown University tonight and tomorrow night performing Into Sunlight. Acclaimed choreographer Robin Becker’s dance company performs the DC premiere of ‘Into Sunlight,’ inspired by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Maraniss’s book “They Marched Into Sunlight,’ a cultural history of war and protest set ... Read More