2012 – Here We Come!

I have spent this month dreaming and carefully planning how to share more of the message of Full Body Presence in 2012. As we slowly put it all into a newsletter for all of you (coming out next week), I am feeling more and more excited by what we are offering – so I have to share a bit of it with you tonight.

The new weekend workshop Skills to Energize Your Life for the general public that was created and presented for the first time last year (to rave reviews) is being offered in six new cities this year and that is just in the first half of the year! We have one coming up here in Reston Feb. 4th & 5th that will be co-taught by myself and Angela Stevens. Click on the link for more info -we would love to see you there!

Our four day workshop Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries is continuing to be offered in new places – but the most exciting part of that is how these valuable skills are being taken into the leadership coaching world, into university settings and other educational systems all over the country. Check out our website for more information on all of this.

The other exciting thing is that the powerful workshop I facilitate for women every year at Esalen is expanding to a 7 day program this summer. It promises to be a rich, valuable, healing gathering for all involved. Take a look at that link for more information on our website. Registration should be available for that one next week.

And in the fall Emilie Conrad and I will be leading a fabulous in depth workshop in Continuum movement, breath and sound combined with my expertise in CranioSacral therapy, and how that synthesis builds resilience and health – Waves Of Consciousness II: Presence and Touch – Creating Resilience – exciting!

I am looking forward to all of these and lots more, too much to mention here – I hope to see or hear from all of you at some point if one of our workshops calls you. 2012 is a year primed for healing and change in a positive direction. Come join us and be a part of that change and growth!


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