Monthly Archives: November 2011

Life is FULL

Tonight, I am finding myself in a place of feeling completely full: Full of the work that I love, Full of the myriad of details that demand my attention every moment that I am not in the treatment room, Full of love for the people around me, Full of sensing my own needs and listening to ... Read More

Feedback on Riding the Edge of Awareness

In response to yesterday’s blog post, several people commented to me that many feelings – emotions and certain body sensations are something they are not comfortable with. So how do I deal with and hold emotions of all kinds without becoming overwhelmed or paralyzed? Well, it comes down to being able to feel my entire ... Read More

Riding the Edge of Awareness

As I committed myself last week to becoming more aware of what I was grateful for in my life, I noticed that I also became much more aware of when I was not feeling grateful. To be more specific, when I was feeling irritable, judgmental, or just plain overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to do. Some ... Read More

Gratitude Week Finale

As this week of gratitudes comes to a close I am feeling very full. This day is one of completions and all that entails. I just took my mom and my daughter to the airport and drove away feeling sad and happy all at once. It has been a wonderful visit for all of us ... Read More

Gratitude Poem

Gratitude for days filled with warm sunlight and clear blue skies, Gratitude for hours of walking in that sunshine – sharing with my daughter and mother. Gratitude for laughter over a game of cards with my son and my mom. Gratitude for a warm fire on a cool, clear, dark of the moon night. Gratitude ... Read More

Thanksgiving Song

In honor of the day, I am sharing one of my favorite songs with you. It was written by David Roth, and my favorite rendition of it is by Anne Hills on her Woman of a  Calm Heart  CD. May the Light of Love As we come around to take our places at the table, ... Read More

Gratitude Creates Happiness

I was delighted to see that the Washington Post Health and Science section this week had a wonderful article written by Carolyn Butler about the latest research on gratitude – specifically expressing and receiving gratitude. It is a short article chock full of wonderful facts and ideas as to how to encourage gratitude, as well ... Read More

Gratitude Time

It is the week to count our blessings. It is official – Thanksgiving Day and week is all about slowing down and enjoying good food and good company with family and friends. I like to host the day myself – and I have family and friends who somehow manage to make it almost every year. ... Read More

Resting and Digesting Through Walking

I have just completed a long string of workshops that were very close together. All of them were workshops that inspire me – where the best of who I am got to shine. However, after being focused for so long a time in a leadership role, the result is that I have needed (and chosen ... Read More