Monthly Archives: October 2011

Listening Touch

As Day four of Cellular Resonance – Radiant Health completes, I am reflecting on how important listening touch is for the healing process. We just completed a day of practicing the art of listening to different structures in the brain, starting with the thalamus. It was a transformative process in unique ways for everyone. The exciting part ... Read More

Of Trees and Healing Movement

Stretched out on a mat next to the big window – allowing myself to slow down for the first time all day. My eyes close gently, resting back in my head softly. The trees outside call to me – swaying in the wind. Hearing the call, I let my inner wave motions join with them. ... Read More

Remembering Healthy Resonance

End of Day One of Cellular Resonance – Radiant Health and I am struck, once again, by how easy and replenishing it can be to be moving, breathing and slowing down my system with a group of like minded people. It was delicious. Emilie is in rare form and it has been such a pleasure to ... Read More

The Resonance has Begun

Emilie arrived late this afternoon and already we have begun the process of sharing and creating together. Every year this gets richer and deeper. She always brings her gifts… Fluid waves….slowing down to a resonance that is healthy, restful… Breathing deeply…opening to the unknown without fear…. Expanding beyond the rut of daily existence to a ... Read More

Cellular Resonance: Radiant Health is Coming This Friday

As I prepare for the upcoming workshop with Emilie Conrad, I have found myself dreaming about cellular resonance. Different ideas have been flooding in as I contemplate how to complement Emilie’s fluid movement, breath and sound explorations with non-invasive hands on protocols. This is a rich, creative time period for me because I feel as ... Read More

Gratitude for Cool Air and Walking!

It has been a week since I could walk with no limp or pain at all. I have been cautiously optimistic all week as I have walked for longer and longer periods of time with no swelling or after effects. Then, tonight as the evening fell, I headed out for a walk in the cool ... Read More

Happy Birthday Aren!

Today is my son’s 18th birthday – wow! Eighteen years ago, in the late afternoon, this 6’4″ son of mine emerged from my body. This is truly a miracle when you think about it. And it felt like a miracle that day. It was as though someone sprinkled fairy dust in the room when he ... Read More

More on Head Injuries

So yesterday’s blog post was about concussion and head trauma in our children and young people, through the athletic activities we may be encouraging them to engage in. However, I have to admit, I do not like the idea of adults ruining their brains either. I know as a CranioSacral therapist there is much I ... Read More

Head Trauma – Why Are We So Blind?

Sometimes I feel like the lone voice in the desert on certain issues. Head trauma and concussions due to high impact sports is one of those issues. I was incredulous after reading the Washington Post Health section article a few minutes ago on concussion. On the surface it seemed to be an article debating the ... Read More